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Finding the right ukulele for you can be one of the most daunting jobs in this world. There are so many of them in different sizes, types, brands and wood. You need to pick out the one which suits you the most and this article will help you get an idea about the various sizes of ukulele that are available and which one suits you the most.


Ukulele has four main sizes they are the soprano, concert, tenor and the baritone. There is another ukulele called the sopranissimo which is even smaller than the soprano, and it is gaining much popularity these days. However, Soprano is one of the most traditional and classic ukuleles, and it is about 51cm in size.

Slightly bigger than the Soprano is the concert ukulele which is about 58cm. The concert ukulele has a slightly bigger body, and it also has a longer neck. As it has a longer neck, there is enough space between the frets. The bigger fret space makes it a little better for the player to handle the ukulele. The concert sounds similar to soprano but it is slightly louder, and it provides a classic sound.

The tenor is about 66cm, and it sounds more like a classical guitar than a ukulele. Many professional ukulele players choose the tenor ukulele for their performances as it provides a better sound quality.

The largest ukulele is the baritone which is about 76cm, and it has a deep sound. The baritone is not quite popular as many people choose ukulele for its small size and portability. The baritone is more like a guitar, and it does not come in handy when you want to take it with you to different places.

Woods used:

There are many kinds of wood used to make ukulele, and some of them are mahogany, mango, monkeypod, cedar, acacia etc.


Most of the ukuleles are made from Koa, and this wood can be found in Hawaii. These type of wood are mostly used on the expensive ukuleles.


Mahogany wood provides a softer sound when compared to Koa wood, and it is a better choice of wood, and it is also cheaper when compared to Koa.


Spruce is one of the most common types of wood that is used in a ukulele. The wood of spruce is used on the lower end of the instrument.


There are lots of decent brands out there which sells ukulele. It is solely up to you to decide which brand you want to buy. Some of the most popular brands include Kala, Pono, Luna, Lanikai, Mahalo, Kanilea etc. Kala provides you with a broader ranger with low and high-end ukuleles and Pono and Kanilea mostly provide high-end ukuleles.

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