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Jimmy Iovine is popularly known for his Interscope Records and his bond with Dr Dre and the Beats Electronics. Iovine had a humble beginning, and he started by cleaning a recording studio as a teenager. The following are some of the things you need to know about Iovine:

Iovine is a successful music producer even before he met Dr Dre:

Iovine has been producing music for famous people like John Lennon, Meat Loaf, and Bruce Springsteen. In the year 1990, he then co-founded the Interscope Records and started the careers of people like Lady Gaga and Eminem. He was also the person behind the movie 8 Mile.

Co-Founder of Beats:

Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine founded Beats in the year 2006, and they made about $350 million by 2011, and it was bought by Apple in the year 2014 for over $3.2 billion.

Jimmy started from the bottom:

Iovine is one of the richest men alive, but he started from the bottom where he had to clean studios, and he learnt everything he needs to know about producing music, and he worked his way to the top.

Dr Dre and Jimmy donated $70 million to USC:

Dr Dre and Jimmy were very generous with giving their money to the University of California. The money is used to build young minds for the world of entertainment technology.

In-house mentor on American Idol:

Jimmy was also an in-house mentor on the show American Idol in the year 2010, and he coached many contestants on the show.

Steve Jobs and Jimmy Iovine:

We all know that Apple bought beats in the year 2014, but Iovine had had a long-term relationship with Steve Jobs even before Apple was founded. It is said that he convinced other musicians and producers to sell individual songs on iTunes. He is now a senior executive at Apple, and he counsels on how people will prefer music in the future.

Vicki McCarty:

Vicki McCarty is the ex-wife of Jimmy Iovine, and she is a famous author and wrote a book called “The Girlfriend Guide”. The book is quite popular with the ladies, and she was also popular for being a playboy playmate. He is currently married to Liberty Ross, and they got married in front of their beach house in the year 2016 on Valentine’s Day.

Co-founded Interscope music:

In the year 1990, he co-founded the Interscope music, and he made many artists like Eminem, Limp Bizkit, Eve, Lady Gaga, No Doubt etc. Know More

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