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The full-size headphones is pretty much very impressive in both functionality and design. It can be classified as anything but ordinary. The headphones are exceptionally comfortable and provides you with some of the best quality bass effect you can possible find. You probably might never want to take them off but you will end up with a headache when the usage is prolonged.

Built Quality:

V-Moda has an excellent built quality. The Crossfade LP has an air of heft and all the chromed bits of the headphones are made out of stainless steel. You might think that all these might add on to the weight of the earphones but it feels great when you put it on. The case of the headphones are pretty strong and you can carry it anywhere in your backpack and it will not get damaged. However, it might be shattered if you drop it too many times. The Crossfade has a 3.5mm jack and it has sturdy sheathed nylon cables. These cables are pretty strong and they last for a long time. However, you cannot fold the headphones and thus you will always have to carry them in your backpack or a bag.


Begin fully circumaural the headphones are extremely comfortable and even though it might seem to be heavy, it feels very light when you use the headphones. It has thick padded leather pads and it might get hot after a while.


You can compare the isolation of the Crossfade with companies like JVC and Panasonic. They have a good sound quality and they preform quite well.

Sound quality:

V-Moda has always been focused on styling and deigning more than sound quality but Crossfade is an exception and its bass is exceptionally good. The resolution gets drowned with the impact and you can compare the bass of Crossfade with Sony MDR-XB700 but it has a more balanced sound when compared to that of Sony. The headphones has a smooth treble emphasis and the soundstage has a decent depth and width. Many fell that the sound quality of the crossfade could have been better when it is compared to other headphones. These headphones do not offer a balanced audio response.


The Crossfade LP is brilliantly packed and has a sturdy built quality. It provides good isolation and it is very comfortable to use. You can find everything you want in a headphone in V-Moda Crossfade except that it has a little hitch in sound quality. But if you are interested in the bass that it provides then it is a perfect headphone for you.


V-Moda Crossfade has a beautiful design and built quality and it is very comfortable to use them. The Crossfade is also durable and offers a lot of desirable extras. However, on the performance level, the sound quality can be a little better.

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